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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a warm and dry night. what is in store for the captioned by the national captioning institute >> we find the defendant not to guilty. >> the casey anthony verdict now the fall out. >> she is literally getting away with murder. >> reasons behind the jury's decision in.
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>> a little boy forgotten. police call the case murder. >> wide this was not the first time the child was left behind. >> an important smart phone alert. live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 11. our breaking news tonight is in phoenix, arizona. a giant dust cloud is moving through the city. this is incredible. it is moving at least 40 miles per hour. visibility is down to zero in some parts of the city. we are still learning information about this. look at this picture. the shock over the fall out
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in the casey anthony murder trial. jurist'ss found her not guilty of murder. she is convicted of lying to police instead. the verdict stunned many legal experts. we begin our coverage live in a satellite center. >> there has been only a handful of verdicts that have generated so much emotion. outside the orlando courtroom there was confusion. and disbelieve directed at the jury. >> i do not know if they were watching the same thing that we were. >> some were visibly shaken. >> i cannot even talk. >> after hearing the jury took less than 12 hours to find casey anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter.
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>> this is a breakdown of our judicial system. >> i am ok with the verdict. >> it is that maybe, reasonable doubt, that spares this 25-year- old the death penalty. >> you cannot convict somebody until they have had their day in court. >> a horrible ending to a young wife but not premeditated murder. the prosecution pointed out that the accused waited 31 days before disclosing her daughter's disappearance. late tonight, at an alternate juror spoke saying the state lacked the physical evidence to convict on the most serious charges. >> the prosecution did not meet the burden of proof. they did not show us the evidence.
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>> there is certainty in desperate a little girls decomposing body was found buried in the woods not far from her florida home. it remains to be seen if anyone will be held accountable for that. the sentencing is thursday, she could get up to four years in prison. >> thank you. after that verdict was read, people in our region were also surprised about the not guilty verdict. >> from what i did see i do not think that justice was served. >> i believe that she is totally guilty. this was not a fair trial. >> it is important to note that the jurors were pulled from tampa, st. petersburg area because the case received so
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much attention in orlando. they listened to more than 33 days of testimony and examined over 400 pieces of evidence. casey anthony did not take the stand in her own defense. the case did have a huge impact in orlando. >> michael, we saw all those people gathered there at the courthouse in orlando. what was the atmosphere like after the verdict was announced? >> you know, i think people were just stunned. that is not to second-guess the jury because i accept their verdict. people were so conditioned to assume that this was going to be a guilty verdict. people were stunned and they could not say anything at first. some of that angst channeled itself into frustration and anger. there are people in orlando that
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are upset. we heard from george and cindy anthony they have received threats over this verdict. hopefully, people can get past this. there is a lot of frustration right now in orlando, florida. >> all the different issues double jeopardy, where does this case stand right now? is this it? >> i think it really is. the prosecution is always go on to say, we caught the person who did this, we just could not convict her. they have no other suspects. they believe that casey anthony did this murder. if some new piece of evidence may turn up, that could lead in a different direction. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the inside.
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folks, we ask for your thoughts on the verdict. >> you can imagine the opinions that many of you posted were against the jury's verdict. >> to share your thoughts, log onto facebook. >> no shortage of opinions on this case. we will air a special one-hour the addition of "nightline." we will -- they will have more of the fallout from the verdict. the mother of a two-year-old
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who died after he was left for hours in a sweltering event is now facing charges. john gonzales is live outside of the circuit court in manassas. he has the latest. >> earlier today, at age 3 in prince william county charged this mother with felony murder and child neglect. this small town is still reeling over what happened here just over two weeks ago. many are wondering how this mother could make the same mistake twice. initially, police called it a horrible accident. she left her toddler in a hot minivan for seven hours and she faces felony charges. >> it is such a sad end. >> the two-year-old was left strapped in his car seat while this mother was at work.
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it was not until she got home that afternoon that she saw the boy. after hearing cries for help, neighbors tried cpr. it was too late. >> sometimes we are in a rush. >> this was not the first time she had forgotten the same child in the same minivan. in january, he was left in the parking lots of the animal clinic, left for about 20 minutes until the day care center called her to ask where he was. >> as a mother, she was just crying. >> nobody was at the merc be home tonight. -- murphy home. leaving a child is inexcusable others are more sympathetic to the mother. >> you get distracted. >> it was about 85 degrees.
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according to the national safe kids coalition, since 1998, about 500 children are around the country have died in the cost of vehicles. the mother has not been arrested, she is expected to turn herself in tomorrow. we are following breaking news. this is from the district for police have announced the second arrests connected to last month's deadly shooting. four people were shot during a gang dispute. robert foster jr. was killed. the day after that shooting, police arrested a 19-year-old bread westbound i-66 is backed open tonight after a traffic nightmare during the evening rush hour.
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officers were forced to shut down the westbound lanes when a tractor-trailer caught on fire. the lanes reopened about 6:30, but did lead to major delays. a frustrated drivers spoke with us. >> has taught that the ban so far? >> horrible. oh, my goodness. >> it has been calling for an hour-and-a-half. pretty bad. >> 123 southbound also faced significant back ups. traffic has returned to normal. >> coming up, a diggs cell phone carrier says it is waiving your bill. by smart phone users need to see this story. >> michael jordan's love letter. a cell that has an ex-girlfriend in the headlines tonight. >> we have had a nice day a lot
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of sunshine. i will tell you all about. >> tonight a d.c. police took an unprecedented step to catch a criminal. honey, why aren't you
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a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. you are watching abc 7 news at 11 with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 11 on your side. police need your help to track down this man who they say is behind attacks. detectives believe that he is responsible for a cold case murder. >> police have begun a bold new campaign to try to find a
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predator that targets young women. >> after searching for decades police are trying something totally different. they believe they could give them the break that they have been waiting for. >> if you know that someone is out there trying to take advantage of me, trying to hurt me is really scary. >> a secluded path opened up to a grassy field. police say 13 years ago, this man brilliant raped and beat this woman to death. she was an intern for the national academy of sciences. >> it is scary for college girls for anyone, for that matter. >> dna evidence has connected the suspect to eight different assaults. >> the think he would be watching this coverage right now?
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>> the department is launching a new website. he was caught within two weeks of wanting this site. >> it is a really good idea we are not opposed to borrowing somebody's really good idea. >> residents reacted positively to the idea. >> i think it is a great idea. >> police said the man would be in his 40's and he may have lived or worked in north potomac. the address and name of their web sites are forthcoming. we have news of a rate hike for the verizon wireless customers. starting thursday, the wireless company will stop selling unlimited data plans for smart phones. customers will be able to choose from a three-tiered
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pricing plans. the change will not immediately affect current customers. a woman who said that she was michael jordan's high-school sweetheart wants to know who is still a love letter that she got from him nearly 30 years ago. she thought she had the notes until she discovered that somebody sold it to one auction house. >> it was personal and private. to capitalize office without my knowledge and permission. >> she only learned of the theft wind the letter turned up on television. >> interesting. >> that is the way that things work out. >> that is why i have all of mine in a safe deposit box. >> all of your many love letters. >> we have an on-line poll and
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july is not everybody's favorite month. beautiful night would be called the breaking up. -- with the clouds breaking up. our temperature outside right now is 84 degrees. so far this july, -- at this time last year, we had 18 -- 2590-degree days. so far only 18. this is how we look from white out in space. there it -- from way out in space. the tropics, for the time being are quiet. much of the country, look at the mid part of the country. a terrible heat wave continues.
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our temperatures are into the 80's. you can get an idea, these are the real measure of humidity. with the jet stream moving well to our north we have the humidity just dominating. during the day tomorrow, a week whether front to our west, there is that risk of somewhat afternoon thunderstorms. by the time we get into thursday it will probably happen again. gradually, as we get to into the weekend, a bit less humid air. warm and muggy when you get up tomorrow. a risk of an afternoon thundershower. temperatures will be in the low
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90's. the air quality, and generally in the metropolitan area, will be on helping. there is a bad risk of those afternoon -- and healthy. there is that risk of those afternoon thundershowers. temperatures, and 80 degrees. for july, that is about average.
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the verdict in the casey anthony murder case, at a great falls, va. man is accused of killing his own father, and the cleanup from this weekend severe storms. these are all on tonight. he picked up this 21st save of the season. you've gotta like that.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. with the recent double header, at the nationals called up starter from syracuse.
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the national's did not have to rely on him tonight. bases loaded, baker botches it. here he comes. the nationals went 3-2. -- win 3-2. >> believe me, but every decision is critical. i like our ballclub. i have great expectations for this ballclub. >> let's go to texas. the orioles are up 2-one.
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that scored the tying run. deep throat is off the mark. -- the throw is off the mark. these are beyond names dominating the majors today. tiger woods is still nursing a knee injuries. he wrote on his website that he will return when he feels 100% ready. he also withdrew from the u.s. open and at&t's national. in soccer, in glen taking on japan. -- in blind -- england ticking on japan. that is a hard shot to make. perfectly played. england wins 2-0.
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the u.s. women continue their world cup run tomorrow. >> pat yourself on the back. >> i cannot talk now, i am losing my voice.
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july is the hottest month of the year. >> it is gone to feel like it here in the next seven days. it will feel close to 100. afternoon showers will be spotty. we can always keep you posted act i tweet all the time, especially
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when we have wild weather. we have you covered.
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